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- This site has been up for 16 years... granted, it's not updated (you can visit our facebook page for updates), but it's still here for nostalgia............................YOU CAN NOW PURCHASE "OK CONSUMER" RIGHT FROM US! FOR ONLY 5 BUCKS! CHECK OUR MERCH PAGE!

- We have a soundcloud page.. it's here.

- Guess who is FINALLY getting their $Hi+!? together?! (we are) There is movement... and we'll gonna do something that hiphop artists usually do... (stuff, awesome freakin' stuff).

- OPERATION: REBOOT is now in progress. ** Shutting down.... logging off... starting up... please wait...System is loading up **

- HOUSEBROKEN, a film featuring Danny Devito, was released on DVD earlier this year and has been showing up all over Showtime and the Movie Channel. . It features our track "destination:anywhere" in the film.

- In case you wanted to check out some demos, alternate versions, covers, and unreleased songs - we've added a app to our DEMOS page. or download some mp3s.

- We have posted our latest song, "Left Right Wrong", over at our myspace and facebook pages.   We're extremely proud of this track we hope you enjoy it (even though it's different) . Left Right Wrong was produced, engineered, and recorded by our longtime colleauge, John Logan. (be sure to drop him a line and thank him for making this happen).


 Old News Logo

- Our track, Who Wants to Party has landed on the soundtrack for the film, Ping Pong Playa, starring Jimmy Tsai and Roger Fan and directed by Jessica Yu. The song is featured predominantly in the movie as well as in the trailer (see it here, CPR comes in at :46 sec). The DVD and Soundtrack CD (lakeshore records) hit store shelves nationwide recently. Pick up the DVD or the SOUNDTRACK CD via .Ping Pong Playa cD

- Who Wants To Party? The first track on our latest album, Ok Consumer, was included in an episode Las Vegas ON NBC !. The song opened the show during a street basketball game (episode 516). Watch the episode over at (click on epidsode 516 "2 on 2" and "chapter 1"). You can Download Who Wants to Party from Itunes Now! The Cobalt Party Revolution - Ok Consumer - Who Wants to Party?

- If you never caught "hiphop don't stop" in the second season of CW50's One Tree Hill, you can watch it on YouTube here. AND you can see the clip where "keep your receipt" played on One Tree Hill here as well, right here.

- We've posted another (old) demo track appropriately in the DEMOs section, our cover of the guess who's "american woman".

- A&E Television Network's reality show, Sons of Hollywood, featured our track, "The Slacker" in the episode titled "harmed". It's no longer on the air However you can still check it out on ITUNES. They play nearly the entire tune so it's hard to miss!
Get Cobalt Party Revolution's track "The Slacker" on ITUNES! The Cobalt Party Revolution - Ok Consumer - The Slacker

Get the Sons of Hollywood episode "Harmed" on ITUNES! Sons of Hollywood - Sons of Hollywood, Season 1 - Harmed

If you download the episode on itunes the track starts at 10:16 into the show and ends around 13:50.

- Lightning Strikes Twice!
The recent Quizno's ad for the "Garlic Bread Prime Rib Sub" that aired across North America, features a new Cobalt Party Revolution song. Check out the commercial over at You Tube. Sound Familiar? The song was also used in the Movie Trailer for the DreamWorks film, The Last Kiss, too. (see it at You Tube). We have now made the song available for FREE download over at our myspace page. (get it here). Ironically enough, This is actually the second CPR song in a Quiznos commercial. Last year, "hiphop don't stop" showed up in one too.

- Check this!! The Cobalt Party Revolution's amped-up version of "keep your receipt" is the theme song for E! Entertainment Network's 5-part series "101 favorite stars from way back when". Hear the song as the show begins and transitions through commercial breaks.


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